GO-vatar series: People asked me ‘WHY GO?’


Where am I GOing?

That’s the question I’ve been thinking during my role as a QA Engineer/Software Engineer in Test/Software Development Engineer in Test/Test Engineer. (Seriously, I have too many title but the job desk is not changed at all *laughing*)

Recently, I made several articles about Golang.

“I choose Golang because of a random pick” — is what I wrote in my first article about Golang. As time goes by, people started asking me a question.

“Why Golang?”

Simple question but sure enough to freeze my brain out. In the end I just answered “I don’t know” or fabricate the answer. That’s me. Really me. Bad habit to make people start to doubt my abilities, right?


As the quote above said, I believe people will also get better in time. I can’t say that I don’t know why I choose Golang forever. So, I decide to write this article to explain better why am I choosing Golang for automation testing or Telegram bot.


No no no. That’s so technical. I don’t understand at all. I’ll explain why I like Golang in my own words.

So the first thing “Why Golang?” in my own version is it does make my code looks tidy. You can see my code directly here. And I like how Golang make me discipline by reprimanding if there are variables that I don’t really use. Well that’s another bad habit of me when do coding. If you make a variable you have to use it. If not, for what purpose you make it?

The next thing is, I know about interface and struct while using Golang. I learn more from my research about Golang. And if you use Visual Studio Code with Go extension, you don’t need to import the libraries or packages manually.

In Golang, you don’t have to define function to be a public or private function/variable/type. Just use capital case at the beginning of the word to define public function. Very simple.

And the last thing why I like Golang is that I feel myself like a developer not a QA. I can understand a little bit of developer code that using Golang when do microservice testing setup in Gitlab CI. So much fun.


So, if anyone asking me “Why Golang?”, I will tell him to read this article instead of having to explain to others. *laughing*

And the answer for “Where am I GOing?” in the beginning of this article is, I’m not going anywhere. I will still do another programming language with additions of Golang to avoid boredom.


See you on my next article, which seems to still be related to Golang. — MperMperPisang




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