GTE series: Me And The Stigma of Test Engineer

Today (16th November 2019), I got the chance to be a speaker in Women Of Developer Circle Bandung. Of course I speak as a Test Engineer with the leadership and salary negotiation theme. It’s not as difficult as when I was a speaker at previous events. In this event, I only told about my personal experience.

So, why I decide to write this article right after the event ends?

There was one statement like this “QA is someone who like to fight with developers” more or less *to avoid miscommunication, the statement was made not to intimidate*.

I feel like “hello this is 2019” (no, I’m kidding). But seriously, there are still statements like that, right? Even in your country or city. This is not wrong but also I don’t feel it right.

Why? It’s because throughout my career being a QA or Test Engineer, I’ve never experience that and then feel I like it (like to fight with developers). Who like to take a fight with others?!

That’s a stigma. Why do we have to bear that statement?

Yes, it’s true that sometimes we take a fight with the developer but me as a personal mostly do an arguments with my fellow QA. Because we as QA should establish ourselves first before we fight with others so we have an argument to be firmly defended.

Many stigma which is charged to QA. I’m fine with it but when I don’t think it’s true, I’ll clarify that it is not true.

Such as, QA like to blame developers. Is it true? Yes, it is. But at the same time no it isn’t. I admit that first time we blame it on suspicion and if it’s not true we negotiate with the developer about who should take responsibility of the error. See? We also have to be able to negotiate and not just blaming anyone.

Would you mind telling me about QA stigma you’ve heard? :) — MperMperPisang

Anyway have you watched this awesome video? Three wonderful women from Facebook has shared their experience while working on Facebook.

Enjoy watching



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