L&D series: Manual testing helper with Chrome


User Agent

As a manual tester, sometimes we need to change the user agent to do a testing. We can use 3rd party tools or use the browser’s built-in functions.


Network Conditions

Left: Click Inspect. Center: Choose Network Condition. Right: Input the user agent.

Network Throttling

Wonder how your application is on a slow internet speed? Try this one.

Left: Choose network speed. Right: Add custom speed.

Toggle Device Toolbar

This will simulate application in mobile view version.

Left: Choose toggle device toolbar. Center: Choose device. Right: Google view on iPad.

Exploratory Test

A lot of manual tester is doing an exploratory testing (including me). Except this one (https://www.getxray.app/exploratory-testing-app/) we can also use Chrome extension.

Exploratory Testing Chrome Extension

Preserve Log

Do you often debug the log error by yourself? This is very useful to investigate the log without clearing the history on every page load because error that show up just before the page is unloaded is troublesome, right?

Clear Cookies

This can be useful when testing or debugging third party plugins.

Window Resizer

This extension is to simulate how our application’s look in different resolution.

Multi login to any website

We can open one website (let’s say Medium) in one browser with multiple user login.


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