SonarCloud is a cloud version of SonarQube. We can visit SonarCloud on
Binding SonarCloud with Github
Left: Choose mpermperpisang. Right: Choose selected repository or for all repository
Organization bound successfully
Check in repo Settings


Dangerfile is also a support to our pull request. But unlike SonarCloud which is useful for code analysis only, dangerfile can also to tidy up our pull request format. Want to auto assign reviewer? We can do that with help from Dangerfile.

failed ‘PR title can't be named ASD123’ if github.pr_title.include? ‘[ASD123]’
Left: Put danger-review_requests in Gemfile. Right: Call method with review_requests.request(reviewer_sample)


Novoda has so many repositories. One of them is gradle-static-analysis-plugin.

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