There is no certainty in this world. Yesterday we laughed, tomorrow we don’t know.

Romaji version

Kinou wa fuiteta shiawase na kaze ga
Aa itsunomanika yande shimatta you de
Tachidomatte sora wo miage dare mo ga tomadotteiru
Ashita ga mienai sekai wa fuan de
Kokoro ga donyori amagumo ni oowareru
Hohoemi kata sae wasurete shimai sou ni naru kedo
The wind of happiness that blew yesterday
Ah, without realizing it as if it stopped blowing
I stop and look at the sky, everyone looks confused
The world is filled with anxiety and an uncertain tomorrow
This heart was covered by dark clouds
In fact, we almost forgot about how to smile

But that shouldn’t make us give up forever. There is a bright side to a dark side.

Romaji version

Nee utsumuitetara hizashi ga dete mo kidzukanai yo
Hey, if you keep looking down you won't notice the sunshine

Wherever you are, don’t give up. Even we’re not gather with our families, although we have to separate and keep our distance, we can still support each other in various ways. Remember that someone is definitely there to support you.

Romaji version

Sukoshi dake hanarete aruite yuketara ii
Chikadzuki suginai de kyori wo tamotte okou
Ushiro de mimamotteru kara
Kimi wa hitori wo sabishi gatte iru keredo
Sono te to te ga furenakute mo
Itsu datte boku wa koko ni iru
We can keep going even if we are a little apart 
There's no need to get too close, let's keep our distance
We can look after each other from behind
Maybe you will feel alone and lonely too
Even though we can't hold hands
Remember that I am always here

In this Covid-19 situation, we must protect the one we loved or cared. Let’s take care of each of us. That’s the most important thing to do right now.

Romaji version

Taisetsu na hito wo mamoru sono tame ni
Dakishimeru yori mo ima wa tooi basho kara
Aeru hi made genki de ite sore dake negau
In order to protect someone who is loved 
Instead of giving a hug, now from far away
Take care of yourself until we meet again, that's my hope

We can support each others even in various conditions though.

Romaji version

Hora doko ni ite mo me wo tojireba kimi ga mieru yo
Look, wherever I am, I can see you when I close my eyes

We know it’s hard. But strengthening our self can create new hope in the future.

Romaji version

Hanareteta hibi ga bokura wo tsuyoku suru nda
Donna namida mo yagate wa kawaku mono
Kibou wa soko kara hajimaru
Hito to hito to ga kuttsuki suginai hou ga
Nukumori to ka omoiyari ni
Itsu no hi ka kidzuku hi ga kuru
The day that separated us will make us stronger 
In the end all the tears will surely dry up
Hope will definitely start there
"Don't get too close to other people" - that way
Things like warmth and affection
One day we will definitely notice

This is not for my only sake. This is for us. Let’s keep our distance and stay aware of the virus.

Romaji version

Kimi no tame ni hanarete iyou
For your sake, let's keep our distance

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