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Please help the Gopher with the task. :(

A thread is a path of execution within a process. A process can contain multiple threads. —

In Golang, there is a mini thread called Goroutines. Goroutines are asynchronous because it can do a process simultaneously and can run multiple goroutines.

To create a Goroutines, we have to add go when call a function.

But that example doesn’t show much about the asynchronous process.*LutJiAc3Wdg-5GtOpP9YXw.png

“A module is a collection of Go packages stored in a file tree with a go.mod file at its root” —

If you’ve seen my golang-automation repository, there is a file named go.mod.

What is Go module? Let’s learn more about module in Go !


First, let’s assume we don’t know anything about module. Let’s type go mod --help .

Golang mutant?! :D

Do you read my GO-vatar series: Recipe To Boil Web Automation With Go Language or GO-vatar series: Early Battle to Become The Master of All Automation Platform article? This article is a continuation of those 2 articles. But this time, we will only focus on Android.

I don’t wanna waste your time let’s just get on with it.

This time we have to define page object.

We’re using struct pointer here to direct us to another page object. From the example above, if we waiting for Mulai button it will direct us to the onboarding page…

Learning and Development chapter 14.


SonarCloud is a cloud version of SonarQube. We can visit SonarCloud on

Eliminate bugs and vulnerabilities.
Champion quality code in your projects.

We can integrate our Github or Gitlab repository with this code analysis.

Learning and Development chapter 13.

This tutorial can be used on a macOS.

Unused Import

Why we need to import package that we won’t use?

Learning and Development chapter 12.

Such a nice illustration image, isn’t it? :D

We don’t want to be considered incompetent by anyone, do we? These are things we could use to help us to perform manual testing in a better way. For the lazy one, this can help us only by using the Chrome browser.

User Agent

As a manual tester, sometimes we need to change the user agent to do a testing. We can use 3rd party tools or use the browser’s built-in functions.

Do you have a Postman collection? And often working with that?

Let’s illustrate how to combine Postman collection with Golang.

Postman Collection

Please use as our collection and save it as postman_collection.json file.

The content will be like this.


go get


It will print crudcrud, GET & as the result. We can take advantage of this for our automation API in Golang.

It will generate a new postman_collection.json. The content will be like this.

Auth can be added to a Request or an ItemGroupandVariable can be added to Collection, Item, ItemGroup and URL“…

Tumben bahasa Indonesia?

Pertama kali saya menulis artikel sebenarnya justru dalam bahasa Indonesia, bisa mampir ke GTE series: Yes-man VS No-man Dalam Dunia Automated Testing ya. Alasan lainnya karena memang buku yang saya bahas kali ini adalah cetakan bahasa Indonesia dan saya merasa akan aneh kalau bahas dalam bahasa Inggris. :D

Ini adalah sebuah review/pendapat saya terkait suatu buku yang berjudul “SEBUAH SENI UNTUK BERSIKAP BODO AMAT — PENDEKATAN YANG WARAS DEMI MENJALANI HIDUP YANG BAIK” oleh Mark Manson.

Mengubah rasa sakit menjadi alat. Mengubah trauma menjadi kekuatan. Mengubah masalah menjadi masalah yang lebih baik. …

This song is created in the context of covid-19. Don’t lose hope.

Romaji version

Kinou wa fuiteta shiawase na kaze ga
Aa itsunomanika yande shimatta you de
Tachidomatte sora wo miage dare mo ga tomadotteiru
Ashita ga mienai sekai wa fuan de
Kokoro ga donyori amagumo ni oowareru
Hohoemi kata sae wasurete shimai sou ni naru kedo

English version

The wind of happiness that blew yesterday Ah, without realizing it as if it stopped blowing I stop and look at the sky, everyone looks confused The world is filled with anxiety and an uncertain tomorrow This heart was covered by…

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